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For 25 Years, KC Supply Has Been the Midwest’s Leader in Safety Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

KC Supply has a wide variety of personal protective equipment available to keep workers safe. Protective clothing, helmets, goggles, and other garments and equipment protect workers from potential injury or infection. Create a safe work environment and avoid risks from potential physical, electrical, heat, chemical, airborne particulate matter and biohazard injuries.

Product Name
MSA V-Guard Hard Hats The MSA V-Gard Hard Hat is known for quality, durability, and comfort. Pick the color and style best for you.
MSA V-Guard Suspensions Need replacement suspensions? KC Supply has exactly what you need! Check out our selection of sizes and styles.
MSA V-Guard Winter Liners We offer a variety of MSA V-Guard Winter Liners for reaching the maximum under-the-helmet warmth and protection.
Starlite Safety Glasses Take your pick from the industry-leading design in safety glasses with all-around impact protection.
Cobra Safety Glasses Cobra is an easy decision for balancing both comfort and safety while providing a sleek design.
HLCLIP Hardhat Flashlight Hold-down Clips