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Fall Protection

We have everything you need for protection when working at an elevated height. Create a safe working environment with our lanyards, harnesses, anchor points, and ropes.

Part Number
Equipment Type
10003213 Anchor Points Anchorage Connector Bolt D-Ring Less Bolt with 5/8 Inch Hole.
AD1 Anchor Points Anchor D-Ring supplied with 1/2`` diameter x 2`` long Grade 8 bolt, nut and lock washer.
10081594 Anchor Points 5K Removable Anchor Connector for Concrete.
506632 Anchor Points A 2-Bolt D-Plate Anchorage Connector. This D-Plate has Zinc Plated Steel.
506672 Anchor Points D-plate anchor, with 8 x 8 anodized aluminum back plate.
10003206 Anchor Points Anchorage connector chain. A temporary solution for working near sharp edges or high heat environments.
10144961 Anchor Points Toggle Lok Anchor with 7 x 19 galvanized main cable; 1 x 19 galvanized activator cable.
10144957 Anchor Points MEGA Swivel Hybrid with a max capacity of 10,000 lbs (44kN).
10144944 Anchor Points MEGA Swivel Hybrid for steel with a max capacity of 5,000 lbs (22kN).
TechnaCurv Harnesses The TechnaCurv Full Body Harness is one of the most comfortable and versatile harnesses available today.
Gravity Harnesses The Gravity Suspension Harness is designed for top of the line comfort, while offering both the safety and quality to surpass the expectations of professionals and specialists who work suspended from heights.
1164 Lanyards & Connectors Boatswains Chair with Waist Belt
506572 Lanyards & Connectors 7/8`` Steel Twist-Lock Carabiner
507144 Lanyards & Connectors Nylon Economic Back Support Pad
10004277 Lanyards & Connectors Short-Stop and Sure-Lock Self-Retracting Lanyard
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